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All tooling, whether it's transferred  from a previous supplier, procured by you the client or designed and specified by us on your behalf, will be subjected to full process and tool capability trialling. The emphasis of these trials are focused first and foremost on quality of moulded product.

Our experienced engineers will fully validate tooling and process parameters to get “best part” through knowledge of part and tool design, process, materials and application of best practice on proven machine cycling.

Clients will be provided with a full set of moulding parameters on achieving the correct level of quality part.

Where pertinent, recommendations will be made regarding possible improvements on tooling if final part quality is being compromised by tool specification.

It is our belief that if the PSI Plastics team are involved at the outset of part and tool design, in partnership with our material suppliers and our own in house experienced mould tool makers, that real benefits are realised at the tail end of a project when a client's expectations need to be fully satisfied.

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The Environment

As an environmentally aware injection moulder, we aim to reduce our environ- mental impact by minimising waste, conserving energy, recycling materials where suitable and making savings for you; our customers.

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